Founded in 1959, Darplast is a pioneer and market leader in the plastic packaging industry with an excellent reputation in Israel and worldwide. Dynamic and innovative, Darplast places strong emphasis on striving for excellence in both the high quality of products and excellent service to customers.  Professional and dedicated Darplast employees enable efficient supply of a wide range of packaging products in various sizes and designs that are designed for many uses and needs.

The Darplast commitment to creativity and professional innovation is an integral part of this success. In addition to existing products, Darplast continually updates its product range and solutions and is capable and experienced in the design, development and manufacturing of new projects, assisting customers in defining their needs and specifications as well as in design, development, production, storage, transport and logistics.  In order to offer superior service that is responsive to user needs, Darplast has expanded operations to complementary fields and has international collaborations with parallel manufacturers worldwide, including IML technology, multi-layer aluminum bags and more.

Darplast owns and operates a large and modern logistics center that includes full warehousing and a fleet of distribution trucks that provide customers with reliable, fast and professional service.

A sister company in the Darplast Group, Darbox specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of UN packaging containers from 10L-120L. These containers are supplied to leading international companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food ingredient industries and are used to transport hazardous and high-value solid and semi-solid materials, such as powders, tablets, granules, capsules and more.

Darplast is ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certified, and is based in Or-Akiva, Israel, located on the Mediterranean coast halfway between metropolitan Tel Aviv and the port of Haifa.